About Aeru

What is Aeru?

We created a portal site called "Aeru" with the concept of "出会う/meeting," "知り合う/getting to know," and "繋がる/connecting" with wonderful "people," "places," and "things" in Ena.
Aeru is the romanized form of the Japanese word "会える/あえる".
We will pursue the essence of Ena City(Gifu prefecture)'s unique outdoor resources and seasonal foods, and propose "new Ena's richness". We co-create "new connections" between the people who provide the services and the people who experience them. We hope to be a platform that polishes and nurtures the sparkling local materials and creates "new business vitality".

Our Submission

The mission of Jibas Clam Ena, the general incorporated association that operates Aeru, is to foster tourism as a comprehensive strategic industry for the region, transform it into a profitable agriculture and forestry industry, and strengthen business support. Based on the fact that the tourism industry is a comprehensive strategic industry for the region, we have established a regional trading company that also serves as a DMO corporation to further enhance business support functions, promote agriculture, forestry, and fisheries by strengthening cooperation with businesses outside the region, and take on the challenge of creating a strategic tourism region.

Three features of Aeru

Aeru is a portal site with three functions: sales of local products, reservations for lodging and experiences, and dissemination of local information, which can be managed centrally even by customers who enter through different entrances. Aeru will deliver seasonal information to visitors through SNS and a local magazine, "OHEMAGA," which has a certain number of subscribers.

(1) Aeru SHOP

This online store offers a selection of local specialties from the Ena and Nakatsugawa area( in Gifu prefecture ). This is a selection where you can encounter the charm of the area that has been selected by our buyers. Ena Sanroku Vegetables" offers processed products made from local vegetables and fruits. Outdoor gear made from scratch by craftsmen. Seasonal delicacies made by long-established inns in cooperation with farmers. Please check out the local delicacies.

(2) Aeru STAY

You can book accommodations such as camping and glamping, as well as a menu of sports and hands-on activities. We have a lot of recommendations for you from before to after your visit to this region. We have prepared a menu where you can meet products, ingredients, and guides unique to this region, which you cannot find on major websites.

(3) Aeru Magazine

The local web magazine "OHEMAGA" is back! We will be sending out information about Ena and Nakatsugawa from a rural but soft perspective, which we can see only because we live in the area. Products featured in the articles are also available in the AeruSHOP. Please take your time and enjoy the foot-walking reports of our local writers.