Nenoue Outdoor Park Ena [Activity Experience] (Japanese only)

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〒5097202 2390-165 Higashino, Ena City, Gifu Prefecture

  • 根の上アウトドアパーク恵那で様々なアクティビティを楽しんでください♪

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A highland plateau at 900 meters above sea level, rich in nature. Various glamping, camping, and bushcraft experiences are available.

The Nenoue Plateau is a highland area at an elevation of 900 meters that straddles the border between Ena City and Nakatsugawa City. The area is centered around two lakes, Lake Nenoue (Nakatsugawa City) and Lake Hoko (Ena City), and is home to walking trails and valleys that allow visitors to feel close to nature. Located on the shore of Lake Hoko, the lake and a pine forest stretching far into the distance are spread out below. At Nenoue Outdoor Park Ena, visitors can enjoy a variety of activities, including trekking courses, canoeing and SUP experiences, and drone experiences, for beginners and experts alike. Please enjoy playing with nature and feeling nature to the fullest by the lake in Hoko. For details, please contact the facility.


Provider Name Nenoue Outdoor Park Ena [Activity Experience] (Japanese only)
Address 〒5097202 2390-165 Higashino, Ena City, Gifu Prefecture [→MAP]
Contact Information Phone: 0573-66-7773
Fax: 0573-64-7490
Access There is an access route from Nakatsugawa City to the hotel even if you get off at the Nakatsugawa IC, but it is not recommended due to the narrow width of the road. Please come to the Ena Interchange on the expressway or take National Route 19 to Ena City, and then drive toward our hotel.
Shuttle Service nashi (Pyrus pyrifolia, esp. var. culta)
Parking existence (at the present moment)